Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea Watches Final Sale

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This is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph Replica (first announced here) and it is going to be a really popular watch. How do I know? Because Jaeger-LeCoultre lent me a prototype last weekend, and I absolutely loved it. Now that's saying a lot, because the last chronograph I bought was sold the year Truman took office, and looked like this. Most modern chronographs, even the very best, can come across as a little big, a little flashy and not all that practical. But this doesn't. It wears incredibly well and just looks so, so good on the wrist.

But what is the Replica Deep Sea Chronograph? Well, what it's not is the Deep Sea VINTAGE Chronograph that we showed you at SIHH. There is no faux-patina here (which does work well on the vintage Deep Sea pieces), the bezel rotates, the crystal is sapphire, and the case is 42mm instead of 40.5. This is the "modern" Deep Sea Chronograph, though the entire line, including this model, takes inspiration from JLC's very first dive watch, the Deep Sea Alarm as pictured above.

How does the Deep Sea Chronograph Replica wear? It wears just perfectly. 42mm is really the best size for a watch like this, one puts just as much emphasis on performance as it does on aesthetics. The Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph is really all about looks and less about actual diving, so 40.5mm works well there, but since this watch was designed to be worn by actual divers, 42mm is great. I have a small(ish) wrist, and the super soft calf-leather JLC strap really lets the watch hug the wrist nicely.

The fake Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph really does a lot for me. Honestly, I went into this thinking I'd much prefer the Vintage Chronograph much more to this larger, more modern-looking watch, and that's just not the case. This is chronograph is its own watch without paying too much respect to its elders. It's not trying to be "vintage," and that's a good thing here.