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Aesthetically the Richard Mille RM 052 Replica looks very similar to its predecessor, with a couple of key differences. For a start you will notice the distinctive tonneau-shaped case is no longer skeletonized. This is because unlike the Richard Mille RM 052 Replica, the case of the new model is actually constructed from a mix of a material called TZP and carbon nanotubes. TZP, according to the brand, has been used for the bezel and case back and is made from 95% yttrium-stabilised zirconium. It is a highly scratch-resistant, low-density material (6g/cm3) that also has a low thermal conductivity coefficient, which means the bezel and case back were able to be microblasted and the corners hand-polished for the perfect finish.

Carbon nanotubes meanwhile have been used for the construction of the case-middle due to their proven ability to protect the tourbillon. They are bonded to a black polymer and help further reduce the weight of the piece whilst at the same time providing a high-level of protection against shocks to the movement. Finally and perhaps most dramatically, the skull and back of the skull are now sculpted from 5N red gold and are hand-bevelled, creating a gorgeous contrast against the black of the case. Inside is the same fake RM 052 Tourbillon movement as the original. Personally I prefer this newer model but I am sure there will be others who disagree with me.

The red gold skull appears suspended at the center of the dial as it is held by four bridges - resembling the bones on a skull and bones - that have been meticulously sculpted and finished with the utmost care and perfection. The beveling on the edges of the skull and the manual-wound tourbillon calibre located inside its jaws is beyond beautiful. The placement of the tourbillon and overall design of this timepiece breaks with all the norms of what tourbillon watches typically look like.

The jewel of the tourbillon is placed between the upper and lower jaw for an even more striking and impressive look. Every opening on the front of the skull allows for a partial view of the clone Replica RM052 calibre inside - the calibre provides a power reserve of 48 hours when fully wound. The watch is of course fitted with a display case back with anti-reflective treatment on both sides that allows for full view of the back of the skull where jewels and winding wheels can be fully appreciated. The amount of work from a design perspective and from a horological standpoint is almost unfathomable.